On Being a Mom

adventures in motherhood and beyond

Friday Wisdom

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome! This Friday on inshallah, I plan to join sister Foz and share quotes/hadiths/sayings that inspire and motivate me inshallah. You can also join in too. For this week I have a very special verse from the Holy Quran. This verse from the Holy Quran never ceases to inspire me. What a beautiful [...]

To get back to the old routine

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome! Inshallah I have to get my typical drill very soon. Bubu’s abbu will be resuming his job from Monday inshallah. We both had been taking turns looking after bubu in the nights and sleeping whenever we were getting time until now alhamdulilah. My sister has been taking care of the cooking part [...]

The decision to Cloth Diaper

AsSalaamAlaiKum / Hello Cloth diapering is such a big deal today. I and bubu’s abbu grew up in India, and our parents cloth diapered us all since birth till potty training. Nobody researches on cloth diapering there (just google cloth diapers, and you will be amazed at all the information you will have to first [...]

Baby Prints

AsSalaamAlaiKum / Hello, Buying any stuff, especially when speaking about baby stuff, avoiding prints of living things is almost impossible. Islam does not allow Muslims to use stuff that has prints or designs of living things that have a soul. Therefore prints of trees, leaves etc are allowed. But baby toys in the form of all living things [...]

5 Weeks

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome, Bubu, my sweet little munchkin, who makes my world a whole lot better, is now a month old (5 weeks) alhamdulillah. These first days along with my precious little one just flew by. Her jaundice is also a lot better alhamdulillah. I also had some baby blues a few days back, but [...]

On being a Mommy

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome, On being a mommy, my life’s perspective has completely changed. One of my colleagues had told me when I was pregnant “Your life is going to change in ways you might never have imagined forever”, and oh she was so right. When I was expecting my first born, I had assumed my [...]


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