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Feeling Blessed

Posted on | October 4, 2011 | No Comments

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome!

So, O Jinn and Mankind! Which of the Favors of your RABB (Lord) will you then deny? (The Holy Qur’aan -¬†Surah Rahman, Chapter 55 – Verse 13)

I feel so happy right now alhamdulillah and very thankful to Allah (SWT).

Was super busy, hence no post. But I had my appointment with my gynec the last week and she said I have recovered well alhamdulillah. While waiting for her in the lounge, I saw pregnant ladies, at every stage, some very pregnant and some just embarking on that journey. And I felt so grateful and indebted to Allah (SWT) for making it all easy for me, and blessing me with a beautiful baby mashallah. While in the lounge waiting for my doc, I heard the tiny heartbeats of babies still in mom’s wombs, and it reminded me of my own checkups, the entire journey. The thrill to look forward to each appointment in order to hear my lil ones heart beat, and the associated anxieties and hope that inshallah everything will be fine, those minor as well as major pains that I faced while pregnant, it all came back to me. So easily had I forgotten¬†about it all after her birth in this crazy chaotic life since she happened.

I still cant believe sometimes that I am now a mommy alhamdulillah.

I have also slowly began to try to include house chores in my routine. Sometimes my baby is co-operative and coos and plays by herself. But at times when she is very unhappy, I give her the pacifier. It helps save my sanity and I get to do a lot of stuff around the house. I am also doing all the cooking on the weekends, while bubu’s abbu looks after her. Cooking for the week on the weekends is helping me a lot. But there are days too when I feel famished and that I need a break, a big break. My back pains, my neck hurts, and I need more sleep, but it is all a part of motherhood and I am truly thankful to Allah (SWT).


Take care, Allahafiz.


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