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My Cloth Diaper Routine

Posted on | March 8, 2012 | 2 Comments

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome,

If I could describe my cloth diaper routine in one word it would be – SIMPLE!  I have a very basic system that is easy, relaxed, and fits my lifestyle.

I have alhamdulillah been cloth diapering my child since she was about two months old, and today I wanted to share with you all about my own personal experience with cloth diapers. My daughter is over 7 months by now and is growing so fast mashallah. The first month of Siam’s life I did not use cloth diapers, because I needed time to get my hang back on normal life and routine. There were many sleepless nights, post patrum baby blues etc (not that there aren’t any now). But then, once my hubby took a month off from his job to help me look after Siam, we went ahead and bought cloth diapers as we had thought before she was born.

Which Cloth Diapers do I use?

I love pocket diapers. I had decided upon using pocket diapers when I was pregnant and after researching a lot on the cloth diaper market. Pocket diapers are available at very reasonable rates and a LOT of online stores/businesses sell them. So I bought three dozen kawaii ultra soft pocket diapers to start with. The only other diapers which upon a lot of research were a bit more cheaper than kawaii were gigglelife diapers. But their microfiber diapers lacked hip snaps. So I decided upon kawaii, as hip snaps are VERY important to me. They help get a snug fit around baby thighs and prevent leaks, so I find them extremely important. Within a few weeks of use, I began to dislike kawaii diapers, because the snaps were a pain, I had to fight to snap them on a off. But I have to say, kawaii diaper inserts are the BEST MOST PLUSH and SOFTEST INSERTS. I had also had the opportunity to try out many different brands of diapers for product reviews on my blog, and soon a few of them became my favorite. Out of all the diapers I had the opportunity to try, my favorite pocket diapers are Hippybottomus and Comfy Rumps hands down. You can read my reviews for all the diapers here.

How I Store Clean Diapers?

As soon as all the diapers and the inserts are dry, I stuff all the diapers with the inserts and store them all in a dresser drawer.

How many Cloth Diapers do I have?

After three months of use, I sold off kawaii diapers for the same price I bought them for. And I bought a Hippybottomus pocket diapers, one of my favorite pocket diapers. I have now a total of around two dozen pocket diapers in my stash which are more than enough for me. And the moms who bought them were very impressed with the condition of the diapers I sold them. They asked me about how I managed to maintain them in pristine condition. So I am sharing my tips with you all. Hope it will be of help to moms who want to consider cloth diapering but are confused where to start from. Even I was confused a while back, but alhamdulillah, I am happy to share my simple cloth diapering routine with you all.

My ‘Simple’ Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine: 

I do not cloth diaper full time. I use disposables when I am out and about with Siam and for overnight use. As I am a SAHM, I only usually go out on the weekends only. So I use only 7-9 disposables every week. I use parents choice for daytime use and  kirkland disposable diapers for overnight use. I also have a few pampers coupons that I use and buy them in bulk, so I save money this way.

Which Cloth Diaper detergent do I use?

I change around 5-7 cloth diapers each day. Usually I change Siam every 3 hours, but sometimes if there is no leak, I even go 4 hours without changing her. But I change her immediatey as soon as she does poop. I wash/rinse and wring thoroughly each and every soiled cloth diaper before I put it into the diaper pail. My diaper pail is a stainless steel trash can with a removable bin. The bin has a lid on it that does a great job at keeping the smell in, and a handle that I use to carry to the washing machine. I really like the fact that ours has the step-on feature so I don’t have to mess with opening the lid. I wash every after 3-4 days. After I dump all the diapers into the washing machine, I give the bin a rinse and put it back into the trash can. I have a maytag top loading washing machine. I run a normal wash cycle, at medium level, and use only 3/4 spoon of  Nellie’s detergent everytime in cold water. I love Nellie’s detergent. I used Tide Free for cloth diapers, but then the ammonia issue started to develop. My cloth diapers began to stink. Nellie’s helped remove the ammonia smell from the diapers in just a few uses. Since then I us only Nellies. After the wash, I hang all the diapers and inserts to dry on a drying rack near a heater vent. The diapers dry within a night, but the inserts take about a day and a half to dry. Until then I have the rest of the cloth diapers to use. As soon as they are all thoroughly dry, I stuff all the diapers with the inserts and they are ready to use.

Diaper Rash:

During the very rare occurrences of diaper rash, the diaper rash paste that I use while using cloth diapers is Skin Fix Diaper rash paste. And while using disposables, Sudocrem. Both have worked very well so far.

Cloth Wipes:

As much as I love using cloth diapers while I am at home, I love using cloth wipes as well. It just makes sense. I reserve using disposable wipes only when I am outdoors with Siam. I adore flannel cloth wipes, and single layered terry wipes. They work like a charm. Infact they work so much better than disposable wipes, that you have to try them once to believe me. One of my dear friend sells handmade flannel cloth wipes at her Etsy store. I do not use any wipe solution. I simply use warm water to wet them, wring them lightly and use them to wipe my baby’s butt during diaper change. Again I rinse and wring every soiled cloth wipe along with every soiled diaper after every diaper change. All soiled cloth wipes go into the diaper pail. I wash cloth wipes and cloth diapers together. They dry with a day, and are ready to reuse. I store them all stacked up in my cloth diaper drawer.

Cloth Diapering has been so good for my baby so far. I have had no major issues with leaking or stink or diaper rash alhamdulillah. I am loving and enjoying it.

How has your cloth diapering experience been?

Allahafiz and take care,


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