On Being a Mom

adventures in motherhood and beyond

Childhood Habits

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome! I am having a hard time trying to make my Siam sleep in her crib and not in the swing these days. She falls asleep well while I rock her in my arms or in my lap, but gets up as soon as she is placed in the crib. Siam has slept [...]

What’s up, doc?

AsSalaamAlaikum and Welcome! During the first two months after Siam was born, especially being a new mom and dad, we obviously had many questions to ask or needed to consult about regarding our baby. The doubts were many, on how to handle her. And both Siam’s abbu’s as well as my parents were living seas [...]

Am I?

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome! On being a mom, I have realized that I am judging myself a lot lately. Especially in the case of Islamic knowledge. Right now she is just a little baby, but tomorrow inshallah she will look up to us as an example. Am I aware enough to answer all the queries my baby will [...]

Feeling Blessed

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome! So, O Jinn and Mankind! Which of the Favors of your RABB (Lord) will you then deny? (The Holy Qur’aan - Surah Rahman, Chapter 55 – Verse 13) I feel so happy right now alhamdulillah and very thankful to Allah (SWT). Was super busy, hence no post. But I had my appointment with [...]

On being a Mommy

AsSalaamAlaiKum and Welcome, On being a mommy, my life’s perspective has completely changed. One of my colleagues had told me when I was pregnant “Your life is going to change in ways you might never have imagined forever”, and oh she was so right. When I was expecting my first born, I had assumed my [...]


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